Our comprehensive metal fabrication capabilities allow our team at Metal Works of High Point, Inc. to develop customized, efficient solutions for customers in a myriad of industries. The bracket shown here is used in stadium seating as well as in several types of office and institutional furniture applications. The bracket blank is laser cut from 11 gauge HRPO steel in accordance with customer specifications. To create the laser cutting program, we worked backward from the three-dimensional part. The bracket was drawn in a 3D CAD software to determine the placement of part features, and in order to meet the specified dimensional tolerances of ±0.010″ at critical locations.

After the steel blanks are cut, they are formed using a CNC press brake to create multiple bends in the piece. The assembly is then welded, sanded, and powder coated with a 3 mil thick matte black polyurethane coating. The finished brackets measure 20″ in length, 18″ in width, by 3.5625″ in height and are inspected to verify conformance to all customer specifications.

Our team has an extensive amount of industry experience and expertise in numerous metalworking, machining, and finishing processes. This combination of knowledge and experience allows us to provide custom metal fabrication services for a wide variety of applications and production volumes. We produce approximately 100 of these assemblies per month with a standard lead time of four weeks per order. For additional details regarding this custom metal fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Project Description

This is a laser cut wall bracket used in auditorium/stadium seating.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Laser Cutting
CNC Press Brake

Powder Coating

Tightest Tolerance

+/- 0.010″

Material Thickness

11 GA

Product Length


Product Width


Product Height


Bend Angle

Multiple Angles/Multiple Bends

Laser Cutting Methods

Mitsubishi 3015LVP Laser
Mitsubishi 4000 Watt NX Fiber Laser

Base Material


Material Thickness Applied (Plating/ Powder Coating/ Painting)

3 Mil Polyurethane Powder

Material Used

Hot Rolled


Matte Black

Industry Used for

Contract seating


100 Assembly/Month

Delivery Time

4 Weeks

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawings

Drawing Type Accepted


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