We offer state of the art automatic panel bending technology to produce complex workpieces and large scale bends. Utilizing our panel bender and CNC press brakes, multiple bends can be accomplished with one set up to save costs and maximize productivity.

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CNC Forming & Bending

CNC Forming & Bending

At Metal Works of High Point, Inc., we are an experienced manufacturer of custom metal components and stampings offering turnkey CNC forming and bending services. These capabilities allow us to produce a variety of parts and assemblies for customers in a wide range of industries.

Equipped with state-of-the-art CNC press brakes with movement capabilities along five axes and press capacities up to 170 tons, our team can produce custom precision parts from a diverse set of metals (e.g., aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel, and stainless steel) to tolerances of ±0.010 inches. We accommodate requests for components up to 5 feet width, 10 feet in length, and 150 pounds in weight. Multiple bends can be accomplished with a single setup to decrease production costs and increase production speeds.

In addition to our CNC forming and bending capabilities, we also offer in-house tool and die services to supplement our extensive tooling library and parts inspection using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Other fabrication and finishing services we provide include laser cutting, machining, deburring, assembly, parts detailing, polishing, sanding, and powder coating. These allow us to deliver complete product solutions to customers for some of the most challenging metalworking projects.

An Overview of Precision Bending and Forming

Metal forming is an umbrella term encompassing all of the manufacturing processes that involve the shaping and reshaping of solid metal into the desired form. These processes can occur when the material is above its recrystallization temperature (hot working) or below its recrystallization temperature (cold working), depending on the exact part and production specifications. The form of the materials (i.e., whether they have a low or high ratio of surface area to volume) also influences what processes—and equipment—are employed for forming operations.

Metal bending is a forming process typically used to reshape metal plates and sheets along a linear axis. These operations generally employ the use of press brakes or other specialized bending equipment. By integrating computer numerical control (CNC) technology into bending machines, part manufacturers can significantly enhance the precision, accuracy, and speed of the bending process.

During bending operations, manufacturers can utilize a variety of different machines to achieve the necessary bends in the metal workpiece. The one to use depends on the type of bend needed, the size of the part, and the characteristics of the material. The two most commonly used pieces of bending equipment are:

  • Press brakes. Press brakes—both manual and CNC—employ a matching die and punch set. During forming operations, the workpiece is secured between them. When force is applied to the punch component, it presses the material into the die. The angles formed by the die and punch determine the angle of the bend formed in the material (e.g., V- and U-shaped bends).
  • Panel benders. Panel benders—also referred to as folding machines—rely on part manipulators and bladed bending units to form a workpiece into the desired shape. The manipulator moves the workpiece on a horizontal plane to the front of the machine, where the blades apply upward or downward force to it to form the desired bends. Compared to press brakes, these machines produce parts with varying radii or intricate geometries (e.g., hems on metal sheets) more efficiently.

Advantages of CNC Bending and Forming

Advantages of CNC Bending and Forming

Compared to other manufacturing processes, CNC bending and forming offer a number of advantages during the production of bent and angled components, such as:

  • Higher precision and accuracy: The integration of CNC technology into bending equipment allows for a greater degree of control over the bending and forming process, enabling operators to produce parts and products with better precision and accuracy throughout a single run and between runs.
  • Lower levels of workpiece damage: The more accurate positioning afforded by CNC bending units minimizes the risk of damage to the workpiece caused by improper alignment.
  • Greater production efficiency: CNC bending and forming machines offer faster processing speeds, making it easier to fulfill short-run or high-volume production orders.
  • Better part size versatility: As CNC bending and forming technologies accommodate larger workpieces and multiple smaller parts, they allow for greater project flexibility and improved production efficiencies.
  • Broader material versatility: CNC bending and forming is suitable for a wide range of metals, including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
  • Lower production costs: In addition to facilitating greater production efficiency, CNC bending and forming units have fewer labor requirements since a single operator can run and monitor several machines at once. As the process is automated, the equipment can continue to run on weekends or holidays to speed up production timelines.


CNC bending and forming are used to create a wide range of standard and custom parts from metal materials such as sheets, plates, coils, and bars. These components range from simple (e.g., L-shaped brackets) to highly complex (e.g., tubular frames) and find use as standalone products or pieces within a larger assembly. Some other examples include:

  • Cabinets and enclosures
  • Conveyor system components
  • Material handling system components
  • Store fixtures
  • Welded components

Custom Metal Bending and Forming Services at Metal Works

Custom Metal Bending and Forming Services at Metal Works

Established in 1992, Metal Works of High Point is a family-owned and operated company offering turnkey solutions for custom metal fabrication projects. Our state-of-the-art CNC panel bending and press brake technologies allow us to produce parts of various sizes and complexities for a multitude of industries.

By partnering with us for their bending and forming needs, customers benefit from our:

  • Superior quality: As an ISO-Certified company, we maintain the highest levels of quality and accuracy in everything we produce.
  • Innovative solutions: We constantly invest in the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure we can provide our customers with the most cutting-edge fabrication solutions. We also utilize advanced software to keep our operations efficient and effective.
  • Customized solutions: We tailor products to meet the unique needs of each project, allowing us to produce appropriate solutions for even the most complex design or manufacturing challenges.
  • On-time deliveries: We provide our customers with reliable delivery capabilities, so they can rely on us to supply the parts they need when they need them.

For additional information about our custom bending and forming capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.

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