At Metal Works of High Point, Inc., we often draw on our extensive metal fabrication experience to assist customers in developing manufacturing solutions for challenging or complex designs. The assembly highlighted here is a chassis that is used in the telecommunications industry. The chassis made of 0.060″ thick 5052 alloy aluminum and measures 12.691″ in length, 7.5″ in width, and 1.5″ in height. Because the chassis is used to secure multiple components within an enclosure, there are several part features, including numerous hardware components that must fit within this relatively small envelope.

To ensure that all of the part features would be within the specified dimensional tolerances, which were required to be held to as tight as ±0.010″, the design was first drawn in 3D CAD modeling software. Once the dimensions were drafted into the modeling program, our engineers were able to program the laser cutting and CNC press brake equipment to make the necessary cuts and bends need to create the chassis assembly. To secure the multiple components that are housed within the chassis, the proper PEM inserts were carefully chosen and located on the chassis.

By employing the latest 3D modeling and CAM programming technologies as well as the expertise of our experienced fabrication team, we were able to fabricate this complex assembly while holding tight dimensional tolerances. Our customer orders approximately 1,000 of these units per month and we provide an average lead time of two weeks. For additional details regarding this custom aluminum fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Project Description

This chassis is used to secure components inside an enclosure for the telecommunications industry.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Laser Cutting
CNC Press Brake
PEM Insertion

Tightest Tolerance

+/- 0.010″

Material Thickness


Product Length


Product Width


Product Height


Bend Angle

Multiple Bends (90 degrees)

Laser Cutting Methods

Mitsubishi 3015LVP Laser, Mitsubishi 4000 Watt NX Fiber Laser

Base Material


Material Used

5052 Aluminum

Industry Used for



1000 Assembly/Month

Delivery Time

2 Weeks

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawings

Drawing Type Accepted


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