• Laser Cutting


    Laser Cutting

    Metal Works of High Point, Inc. Our facility features advanced 3 axis cutting systems utilizing our Fiber Optic and CO2 lasers. Automation systems for sheet loading and unloading, as well as, lights out capabilities allow a 24 hour operating schedule.

  • CNC Forming


    CNC Forming

    We offer state of the art automatic panel bending technology to produce complex workpieces and large scale bends. Utilizing our panel bender and CNC press brakes, multiple bends can be accomplished with one set up to save costs and maximize productivity.

  • CNC Machining


    CNC Machining

    Our expanded facility features advanced vertical mills and turret lathes with dual spindle and live tooling capabilities. Bar feeding equipment can be utilized for high volume products which allows increased throughput by eliminating downtime between cycles.

  • Welding Services


    Welding Services

    In addition to our robotic MIG welders, we offer multiple manual MIG/ TIG welding stations. Utilizing 3D software we are able to design and fabricate weld fixtures in house.

  • Finishing Services


    Finishing Services

    Metal Works of High Point, Inc. provides durable powder coating services for high quality decorative and protective finishes of precision components. We also partner with several local suppliers to offer multiple other finishing services.

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Metal Works staff is committed to our core values and producing the highest quality metal products to meet your needs. We remain a second-generation, family-owned and operated company working hard to provide you with turnkey solutions for custom metal fabrication.

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