At Metal Works of High Point, Inc., we are able to use the latest design and fabrication technologies to take a customer’s project from drawing to reality. The part shown here is a matte black powder coated drip pan that we manufacture for a customer in the transportation industry. The pan is made of 18 gauge galvanneal steel that is punched, formed, turned, and welded to create the complete assembly. To accommodate the tight dimensional tolerances of ±0.010″ during the punching and bending operations, the assembly was first drawn in a 3D CAD modeling system. Careful analysis of a part prior to actual production allows us to select the proper tooling and fixtures for the project the first time, preventing costly scrapped parts and extended lead times due to retooling.

After the drip pan was analyzed in the modeling program, our engineering team selected the appropriate tooling and created the work procedures for the CNC punch cutting, press brake forming, and turning processes. The assembly is welded using a TIG welder to create an exceptionally clean weld, and the finished pan is powder coated with a 3 mil thick matte black polyurethane coating. Any time we weld coated metals, such as galvanized or galvanneal steel, additional precautions are taken to ensure the safety of our welders and the quality of the weld. The finished drip pan measures 24.625″ in length, 5.375″ in width, and 1″ in height. We manufacture approximately 250 of these assemblies per month with an average lead time of three weeks per order. For additional details regarding this custom metal fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Project Description

This is a CNC punch cut drip pan used in the transportation industry.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

CNC Punch
CNC Press Brake
Turning Center

TIG Welding
Powder Coating

Tightest Tolerance

+/- 0.010″

Material Thickness

18 GA

Product Length


Product Width


Product Height


Bend Angle

Multiple Bends

CNC Punch Method

Finn-Power Turret Press

Base Material


Material Thickness Applied (Plating/ Powder Coating/ Painting)

3 Mil Polyurethane Powder

Material Used

Cold Roll, Galvanneal


Matte Black

Industry Used for



250 Assembly/Month

Delivery Time

3 weeks

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawings

Drawing Type Accepted


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