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Sheet Metal Enclosure Design Tips ebook

A Complete Guide to Sheet Metal Enclosure Design Tips

Leverage Metal Works of High Point’s experienced team with our 13-page eBook, Sheet Metal Enclosure Design Tips. Inside, you’ll find in-depth information about:

  • Design Considerations – Factors like application, environmental risks, dimensional requirements, aesthetics, and more that influence enclosure design.
  • Metal Selection – Guidance on choosing metals like aluminum, steel, or stainless steel based on corrosion resistance, strength, weight, and other properties.
  • Sheet Metal Thicknesses – Why thickness impacts weight, strength, flange length, and other critical enclosure attributes.
    Shape Considerations – Overview of common enclosure shapes like folded box, L-shape, U-shape, etc, and how they impact accessibility.
  • Bending and Bend Radii – Bending basics and how to bend radius correlates to material thickness and risk of fractures.
  • Finishing Options – Surface treatments like powder coating, anodizing, silk screening, and more for aesthetic, branding, and durability needs.
  • Prototype Testing – Validating enclosures via real-world testing before large-scale production.

Download the guide to leverage 30+ years of sheet metal expertise for your own enclosure design success!

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