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The Benefits of Robotic Welding

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When compared to manual welding, robotic welding is safer, faster, more accurate, and it improves your ROI. It’s an automated process, so you don’t require any breaks in production, which reduces lead times and saves you money on labor. 

Shift to Automation

Over the last several years, many companies have been turning to automation as a means of speeding up production and saving money. However, they typically automate assembly and other processes and forget about robotic welding as an option.

Welders must be highly trained, and there is often a shortage of skilled welders. When semi-automatic welding processes are used, over-welding is a common error, which costs the company a lot of money in wasted materials and labor. Fully automated welding is an ideal solution, allowing for precise, repeatable welds and eliminating the need for reworking. 

Keep in mind that industrial robotic welding will never fully replace manual welding. There will always be those unique projects that require the quick-thinking adaptability of a human welder, but for repetitive welding tasks, automation offers a number of advantages. 

Advantages of Robotic Welding Over Other Methods

Your company, your employees, and your customers will all enjoy the benefits of robotic welding:

  • Increased Efficiency: Robotic-welded parts are precise, reducing the need for reworking. In addition, the automated system can work on a continuous basis. 
  • Greater Safety: Welders are exposed to arc flashes, sparks, fumes, and more. Robotic cells are equipped with the safety features that protect workers from these dangers and discomforts, which contributes to improved job safety and health while enhancing morale, increasing job satisfaction, and reducing turnover. 
  • Reduced Waste: When it comes to welding, human error is expensive, both in terms of time and materials. The robots are precisely programmed, eliminating over-welding as a concern.  
  • Improved Accuracy: A robot can repeat the same weld time after time. With manual welding, slight variations are inevitable.
  • Cost Savings: Installing an automated system is an investment that starts paying off rapidly. Increased production lets you ship more accurately-welded products out the door quickly. Precision welding reduces material waste, saving even more time and money. 

Contrary to popular belief, automated systems do not reduce job opportunities. Robotic welding requires skilled programmers and operators, and manual welders will still be required for large, complex projects. Automated systems give you an opportunity to use your employees’ skills in other areas and provide them with opportunities to advance their careers. Robots in all aspects of production are most often responsible for simple, repetitive, or dangerous tasks. Getting people away from those jobs is safer and offers them greater job satisfaction.  

Robotic Welding With Metal Works of High Point

As a second-generation, family-owned and operated business, Metal Works of High Point has been offering turnkey contract metal fabrication solutions since 1992. Our team of experts provides both manual and robotic welding, as well as laser cutting, CNC forming, powder coating, and more for clients in a range of industries, including transportation, telecommunications, appliances, material handling, contract furniture, and others. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our goal is to help you complete it quickly and cost-efficiently without sacrificing quality; for many projects, robotic welding plays a role in that. 

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of robotic welding for your project, or request a quote today.